Grief Courses

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Your loss doesn't need to be the end of the story. It can be the beginning of a journey of reflection, connection and discovery. You are not alone in your grief. There are new ideas and ways to go through your grief, not stay stuck in your grief. 


  • Realize you're not alone in your grief
  • Hear stories that will inspire hope for your grief journey
  • Practice using journal prompts to help process your grief
  • Receive guidance so the road to healing is possible
  • Grow your awareness so you know what you need to grieve well
  • Self paced learning  
  • Receive over 40 minutes of video training
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Complete Course

  • Receive a workbook with step by step guidance for your grief journey
  • Receive processing questions and tools that give clarity to the grieving process
  • Gain access to an online grief community 
  • Be invited to Zoom events to process with others
  • Have access to further grief coaching and support if needed
  • Self paced learning
  • Receive over 4 hours of video training
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Discover How to Life Again After Loss
Complete Course Outline 

Module 1: Laying a Foundation for GOOD Grief

Lesson 1: Who Understands My Grief?

Lesson 2: The Different Faces of Loss

Lesson 3: What is Grief Like?

Lesson 4: What Do You Do With Circumstances?

Lesson 5: Thorough Grief

Module 2: Navigating the Early Days After Loss

Lesson 1: The Best Piece of Advice I Received

Lesson 2: The Untold Story About Sadness

Lesson 3: My Brain and Gratitude

Lesson 4: Wishful Thinking Isn’t Enough

Lesson 5: What’s the Big Deal About Journaling?

Module 3: Three Essential Legs of Good Grief 

Lesson 1: How to Avoid Getting Stuck

Lesson 2: Wisdom from the School of Seneca

Lesson 3: How to Connect With Empathetic People

Lesson 4: How to Change Your Thinking so You Change Your Grieving

Lesson 5: The Kind of Time That Heals

Module 4: The Road Less Traveled  

Lesson 1: Is Your Grief Model Adequate?

Lesson 2: Lessons From the School of Abraham Lincoln

Lesson 3: The Puzzle Piece Grief Model — the idea

Lesson 4: The Puzzle Piece Grief Model — the practice

Lesson 5: The Power of the Grief Cleanse

Module 5: Resilient Grieving

Lesson 1: Embrace a Nose-up Attitude

Lesson 2: Apply Adaptability

Lesson 3: Embrace a Personal Moral Compass

Lesson 4: Face your Fears

Lesson 5: Practice Self-care

Module 6: Building a New Future

Lesson 1: Step Back Before Stepping Forward

Lesson 2: Pursue a Purpose You Can Live For

Lesson 3: How to Deal with an Identity Crisis

Lesson 4: Moving from Survivor to Thriver

Lesson 5: Preparing for What’s to Come

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