Cam with Vicky TEDx speaker With Max and daughter Elena

Celebrating Vicky 

A window into her life and legacy - told by  Cam

I once met a girl named Vicky,
Who I wanted to date but it proved tricky.
She played hard to get for a short little while,
But eventually I was met with her welcoming smile.

She was energetic, spunky, and fun,
And got to the point with most everyone.
We would skate on the ice and walk hand in hand,
And each step of the way I knew who was in command.

We were similar in so many ways, her and I,
We loved getting things done, and vegan stir-fry.
We were different in other ways too,
Like she threw stuff out while my piles grew.

We did church work together, even ran camps for youth,
Didn’t always know what we were doing - that is the truth!
Special friendships were formed that have stayed with us still,
Saw life transformation which was really a thrill.

When our family of two doubled over night,
I watched her turn into a mom and take flight.
She gave herself fully to Caleb and Elena those two,
Taught them so much and held us together like glue.

She saw certain people when she entered a room,
And gravitated to those who were struggling to bloom.
When I shared a risk I wanted to take,
She listened with wisdom and knew when to brake.

When the going got tough, we leaned into our pain,
Got help from our friends, and stood together in the rain.
Vicky suffered in silence and at times held it in,
Was always resilient, and took life on the chin.

Looking back I am grateful for the adventures we took,
The trips and excursions — cycling by mountain brooks.
The trips with our friends and family alike,
Created memories and stories while riding on bikes.

The past 14 years Vicky handled with grace,
Found strength to endure as brain surgeries she did face.
I stood by her side and nursed her to health,
Saw her bounce forward slowly, gaining resiliency wealth.

Easter weekend 2011 our lives screeched to a halt,
When the Shadow we rode went down — not our fault.
We attacked this disruption and struggled to find our way,
Grateful for our time together recovering one step per day.

What can I say about her work family so dear,
They always knew where she stood — it was clear!
I’d watch her go work and invest in her team,
And listen to her stories that often made her scream…I mean beam.

The last weeks together where hard as the cancer grew,
But I saw my sweet Vicky tender through and through.
She met her last challenge with resilience and grit,
And finished her race knowing it was time to quit.

Her faith was a steady and a quiet affair,
Her life shone brightly with love and silent prayer.
I know I am better for the 37 years we spent as a pair,
She taught me, “Don’t be so judgy” and clip your nose hair.

She in fact — a legacy did leave,
She showed us how to live and don’t forget to breathe.
She showed us we are capable of handling more than we know,
And should pay attention to the underdog and help them to grow.

My loss on this earth is truly not the end,
For I can say, “See you later hun — my best friend.”
Vicky will always be loved and stay in my heart,
And greet me again when from this earth I also part.

With love, Cam