The Gratitude Alphabet Challenge

This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada. To celebrate (regardless of what country you live in) I want to encourage the resiliency practice of intentional gratitude.

Here’s the challenge: Create a Gratitude Alphabet

Take each letter of the alphabet and come up with something you’re thankful for. If 26 letters is too many, pick 10 letters. It may be a fun game you could play with your family as well this weekend.

Remember, gratitude increases social wellbeing, enhances emotional wellness, impacts physical health, and lifts your spirits.

My Gratitude Alphabet

I’m thankful for…

A - autumn

B - books

C - Caleb (my son)

D - delivery services

E - Elena (my daughter)

F - friends

G - God

H - health

I - insurance

J - joy

K - kindness

L - life

M - Max (my dog)

N - nature

O - online access

P - parents

Q - quietness

R - rest

S - sunshine

T - teachers

U - understanding

V - Vicky

W - water

X - x-rays

Y - yard work

Z - Zoom

Now it’s your turn. What are you grateful for? Send your list to me if you like or share it with a friend.