Cam with Vicky TEDx speaker With Max and daughter Elena

Cam Taylor

Grief Coach and Mentor 

Welcome to the Good Grief Journey. I’m glad you stopped by and hope you find some inspiration as you read.

My name is Cam Taylor and I enjoy coming alongside people to support them in life — during the sunny days and stormy nights.

I married Vicky when I was 22 and enjoyed 36 wonderful years together. We had the thrill of adopting our two children from Romania in 1990.

An Unexpected Turn

In an unexpected way, the story of my life prepared me to come alongside people who have been met by loss and trauma. In March of 2020, we discovered Vicky had advanced kidney cancer. No treatment could halt the fast growing cancer cells that took her life on May 14, 2020.

Nine years before losing Vicky, we had a motorcycle accident that affected both of us. I went through 10 surgeries and a three year recovery process that taught me much about resiliency, loss, and recovery.

What Was I Suppose to do Now? 

I asked myself, “What am I suppose to do with all this loss and hardship?” To begin with, I knew I needed to take the time necessary to heal and recovery. But then I felt called to help others who had experienced adversity and loss in their lives.

A few of the ways I have lived out my calling and supported people on a road marked by suffering is through speaking, writing, coaching, training, mentoring, and facilitating. My TEDx Talk was all about finding opportunity in adversity. I have facilitated Hospice volunteer training, lead an online grief support group, provided one-on-one companioning, practiced grief coaching and mentoring, been a blogger and author, and created online courses and videos. My book Detour: A Roadmap for When Life Gets Rerouted tells the story and provided a roadmap for others who have been met by loss and are looking for the way forward.

Helping Those Needing Guidance

My goal is to support those who have experienced loss and who are looking for guidance while on that journey. Also, I want to create a stronger community of people who know how to care for and be with those they care about who have experienced loss.

I live in Abbotsford, British Columbia with my daughter Elena and dog Max.

Read a poem I wrote to celebrate Vicky here

Opportunity in Adversity

Cam's Abbotsford TEDx Talk